Europe’s emigrants face red tape in Latin America

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Geologist David Rodriguez and actress Cristina Pascual, two of the nearly six million Spaniards left jobless in the European recession, fled to Latin America last year, figuring their futures would be brighter in the booming economies on this side of the Atlantic.

Instead, they found themselves stuck, facing so many bureaucratic hurdles that their only option was to work illegally, for much lower wages. Without a work visa, they couldn’t get a formal job. Without a job offer, no visa. And without a job and a visa, they had no way of securing an all-important tax-identification number, freezing them out of Chile's booming formal economy. Trying to bend the rules can result in deportation for the worker, and fines for the company.

This is great, they come here demanding rights and they’ve treated Latin Americans like shit during many decades. Not to mention that many Spaniards companies own a lot of Chilean natural resources (water, electricity, etc.). Besides, I haven’t seen any Spaniard in poor neighbourhoods, they do whatever they want here. Fuck you.